Director of
Emergency Services
Gabe Nussbaum

The Hidden Hills Office of Emergency Services (OES) is responsible for the development of the City's Emergency Operations Plan, which provides for the effective mobilization of all of the resources of this City, both public and private, to meet any condition constituting a local emergency, state of emergency, or state of war emergency. It also provides for the organization, powers and duties, services, and staff of the emergency organization. The Director of Emergency Services is appointed by the Mayor, subject to approval of the Council. The Assistant Director of Emergency Services and Deputy Director of Emergency Services are appointed by the Director with approval of the Council. OES consists of all officers and employees of this City; Public Safety Commissioners; volunteer forces enrolled to aid during an emergency; and all groups, organizations, and persons who may, by agreement or operations of law, including persons impressed into service, be charged with duties incident to the protection of life and property in this City during such an emergency.