Vesting Tentative Map 63567

General Project Information

Project Title: Vesting Tentative Map 63567 (Ashley Bridle Trail/Lasher)
Location: Easterly End of Bridle Trail Road and Lasher Road
Duration: Ongoing
Contact: Dirk Lovett, City Engineer (818.888.9281 or

Current Project and Timeline

On January 30, 2014, Mike Ashley, dba Ashley Construction Inc. (developer) submitted an application for Vesting Tentative Map 63567 (VTM) located between the easterly end of Bridle Trail Road and Lasher Road. A VTM is a map showing the design and improvement of a proposed subdivision and the existing conditions in and around it. The approval of a vesting tentative map expressly confers a vested right to proceed with a development in substantial compliance with the ordinances, policies, and standards in effect at the time the application for approval of the vesting tentative map is deemed complete. The VTM proposes the annexation of 7.9 acres into the City of Hidden Hills, and the development of the resulting 16.9 acre site into 8 lots (a road and 7 residential homes in the new subdivision). The proposed project involves the grading of approximately 170,000 cubic yards (balanced on site). Approval of this grading permit will also be subject to the City’s Ridgeline Ordinances (Ordinance No. 336 and Ordinance No. 337). City staff deemed the application complete for City review and processing on December 15, 2016.

Currently, the developer has entitlements to build 5 new homes on Bridle Trail and Lasher Roads. If the VTM is approved, the developer would be entitled to build 8 new homes (including one lot existing not included in the VTM).

On February 27, 2017, the City Council entered into an agreement with Rincon Consultants, Inc. to prepare the draft Environmental Impact Report (EIR) for the project. The EIR will study the environmental impacts of the proposed project, along with potential mitigation measures and project alternatives. The EIR process kicked off with the April 20, 2017 scoping meeting. Please refer to the scoping meeting power point for more information (scoping meeting power point). In addition, an Initial Study on the project was prepared by Rincon Consultants (VTM 63567 Initial Study).

The draft EIR is currently available for public review. Interested parties will have the opportunity to provide comments on the draft EIR by submitting an email to, or in writing by mail to the City of Hidden Hills at 6165 Spring Valley Road, Hidden Hills, California 91302. Comments will be accepted on or before March 15, 2018. All comments will be taken into consideration and included in the final EIR for review by the City Council at a public hearing. It is anticipated that the Hidden Hills City Council will review the VTM application and EIR during the Summer of 2018. Notice of the public hearing will be posted at City Hall and the Hidden Hills Community Association bulletin boards. In addition, it will be included on the City website, in the City newsletter, through the City’s email list and mailed to all residents.


  1. Project Location Maps
  2. VTM 63567 (proposed grading and site improvements)
  3. Notice of Availability of Draft EIR for VTM 63567
  4. Draft Environmental Impact Report
  5. VTM 63567 Appendices A through H DEIR

History of Project

In April 2006, this same developer submitted an application for a similar VTM for this site (also called VTM 63567). The EIR (previous EIR) for this project began circulation on November 2, 2007. Public hearings were conducted by the City Council on July 28, August 25, September 8, and September 22, 2008. Additional public hearings were held on December 13, 2010, and on January 10 and June 13, 2011. On August 8, 2011, the City Council adopted Resolution No. 839 denying the project.

Information on the proposed project will be updated to this website as it becomes available. For additional information, please contact Dirk Lovett, City Engineer at 818-888-9281.